Display Advertising Facts and Statistics 2022-2021, 2019-2020

source – https://www.orange142.com/blog/top-5-facts-about-display-advertising/

Banner ads are effective, relevant, and purposeful. Display ads have been ranked as one of the best tools for online marketing to increase brand awareness, purchasing, and customer consideration. Banner ads are an aging source of advertising, however, they are still a successful and effective part of online marketing strategy.

As of 2017, online display ads make up 50% of all marketing strategies, making online marketing one of the most successful forms of advertising. This is because display ads, such as banner ads, are moderately priced and specifically targeted, allowing advertisers easier access to the consumers their brand is trying to reach.source – https://www.qs.com/4-facts-you-need-know-display-advertising/

Between 2015 to 2016, budgets for online display advertisements increased from 33% to 44% in one year. This growing trend has been consistent in the usage of banner ads and the importance of their allotted space in marketing budgets. In contrast to the rising popularity of native ads, another digital marketing tool, banner ads are still an effective marketing strategy even though native ads are viewed up to 53% more often than banner ads. Evolving is crucial in the online advertising business however some marketing techniques, like display ads, are a proven dependable part of online marketing.

source – https://medium.com/@greedy_game/5-eye-opening-facts-about-display-advertising-3de354016e97

In the last 12 months, the number of consumers blocking online ads rose 41%, (Source: PageFair, https://pagefair.com/blog/2015/ad-blocking-report/) with blockers being used by roughly 198 million users. These blockers have a huge impact on the effectiveness of online display, ads.

Marketers are allowing large amounts of their budgets to be used on online display ads when these ads are not always beneficial. The only solution to this is for advertisers to change over to online ad formats that will not be affected by ad blockers. It is also important that ads not feel intrusive to the consumer and that the ads appear in the appropriate context.source – https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/horrifying-display-advertising-stats

Despite the leaps and bounds that paid online advertising has made since its creation, Unbounce says that 98% of advertisers waste money on ads. The problem lies with institutions lacking the knowledge of how to advertise online in a way that targets and channels desired consumers and misunderstanding the software that allows this to happen. This has been a constant struggle for many businesses.

Planning a marketing strategy for successful advertisements online requires learning how a display ad should look to attract clicks and becoming a master at the methods behind hyper-targeting an audience.

source – https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2018/07/19/advertising-statistics

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, steal away 33% of users’ online time. To succeed as an online advertiser, catching the audience on the sites they spend most of their time on is crucial. Internet users offer one-third of their daily lives to social media and by using this a channel for advertising, most businesses are sure to reap the benefits.

Brands on social media are followed by 40% of social media users, suggesting that these sites are perfect choices for attracting and retaining customers. When internet users choose to follow a brand, every 1 out of 4 will consider purchasing from that business. Therefore, the content being shared by the business plays a critical role in determining the number of followers that will choose to make a purchase.

source – http://www.iamwire.com/2017/05/display-advertising/152222

Many advertisers will find the ad solution that they need by switching from display ads to native ads. Native ads have the ability to communicate an institute’s brand through the content that its targeted consumers already use. Display ads have proved themselves annoying and intrusive by 33% of internet users. Banner ads have been deemed untrustworthy by 54% of internet users. Native ads have been found to be less annoying and more trustworthy to consumers since these ads appear in relatable content where the user already is.

source – https://www.iab.com/news/10-surprising-facts-about-banner-ads/

There is a misconception in the belief that online display ads are no longer relevant. In fact, the opposite is true. The use of online display ads such as banner ads has only grown over time.
The use of banner ads has proven to be 1.5 times more effective in the pursuit of growing brand awareness than direct mail. Rather than printing and mailing your brand to consumers, banner ads are eco-friendly and a more effective way of reaching potential customers.

source – http://blog.zypmedia.com/digital-advertising-facts

Since 2015, programmatic advertising has grown from $17.50 billion to an estimated $45.72 billion by 2019. These totals make programmatic advertising account for two-thirds of digital display advertising. Smart advertisers are taking notice and switching to display advertising. Programmatic advertising has become the most appealing choice for those who are creating an online ad campaign.

source – https://www.theedigital.com/blog/7-facts-on-display-advertising-that-you-need-to-know

Text ads, videos, and images are all different forms of digital display advertising. Some businesses choose one of these ways of advertising to focus on, others may use all three. However an institute decides to digitally advertise, understanding online marketing methods is the key to successful online display ads.

Using ad extensions in a display ad, where they are traditionally used in a search ad, is an option and it may be profitable to give it a try.
Deciding on a targeted audience can often be the game changer when it comes to online display ads. Maybe your ad isn’t being viewed by the appropriate internet users? Therefore, making it an unsuccessful ad campaign. Google Display Network offers a variety of options for creating a targeted audience such as age, parental settings, and gender. By creating a controlled demographic that display ads are available to view, businesses will save money on advertising as well as see a rise in clicks. This way, businesses do not have to spend too much money on advertising with most of the money going to waste due to the ads not reaching the appropriate customers.
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