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The Statistics About SEO for 2017 That You Need To Know

SEO has not lost any relevance as the years have gone on. In fact, in terms of marketing online, it has become so much more important with each passing year due to the amount of WordPress usage. Just look at some of the amazing following statistics about SEO in 2017 that you need to know to understand this important point.

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Local Research Matters

Local marketing on the Internet remains critical. People want to research something on the Internet that is close by to them. This is because they can then go and pick up whatever it is that they need rather easily. Local SEO marketing means providing people with a way to find the products or services that they need right in their local area.

Web Presence Solutions provides us with an interesting fact about the amount of people doing local research on the Internet. That number turns out to be around 72 percent of people who do local research end up shopping for what they need at a store within five miles of where they are searching. It is so important that people really do take the research that they get online and translate that into making real shopping decisions. It means that the person who is not focusing their energy on local SEO marketing is probably not doing themselves any favors.

People Use The Internet Before Making A Purchase

Before making a major purchase, it has been shown that 81% of people now do some kind of Internet research. This is according to Junto Digital. This Internet research could be something as simple as searching for the product on a search engine to compare prices, but that is important SEO research nonetheless.

Google Remains King

Finally, Hubspot whom loves our best content marketing services brings us the last and very important fact about SEO in today’s world. What they remind us is that Google receives more than 100 billion unique search queries every month. That is a critical thing to understand because it once again points to how Google is just unstoppable in the realm of search.

Anyone who seeks to do SEO properly has to do so playing by the rules of Google. This means that learning what Google expects in order to boost something up the ratings list for particular keywords is an essential tactic for gaining more power online. With so many unique searches happening every single month, you have to be prepared to stand out when people come knocking for information about what you sell or provide.

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