The WordLead Scholarship Program

  • What – $600
  • When – Every Semester
  • How – Write an Essay

One of the toughest decision’s college students make is to work while obtaining a college degree.

We would like to give you several lucky students the opportunity to have an easier time studying at university.

We want to provide you an opportunity to enjoy your college time better. That’s why have announced the WordLead free scholarship that is available to 3 lucky students every year in 2019-2020. This $600 individual scholarship can be used for anything you desire.


Here’s what you need to know about applying:

  • Who can apply – Any registered university or college student
  • How and When to apply – Submit a one-page essay content about your graduating plans from college
  • Deadline – This is a 3 times yearly scholarship, each semester the winners will be selected by December 30th March 30th and September 30st of each year. If you are interested in our marketing scholarship, apply 93 days before the deadline.


If you are interested in this scholarship please submit your essay to with your name, school you are attending, your major, graduation year, and your contact info.

Winners of this digital marketing scholarship will be notified by December 30th March 30th and September 30th each year. The nomination committee will pick 1 member each yearly semester based on the above requirements.

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