When you decide to launch a new website or blog with WordPress you need to decide what the goal of the site is.  Do you want to sell products or gather leads for a service?  Do you want high rankings or visually stunning experiences?

In this Article we will discuss what elements of a WordPress Theme that are conducive to conversions.  More specifically these are the best WordPress themes that are highly converting.

Conversions can be optimized with the following the focus areas of form conversion/submital performance:

  1. Speed
  2. Ease of Form Submission
  3. Visually Design Layout that drives website traffic to your form/contact form.

So assuming your goal for conversions is to fill out a form or call your company then you need a theme that focuses on drawing the customer’s eyes to your phone number or your contact form.

Once the visitor is aware of how to convert it must be easy to do so and finally if the sight is slow the prospective lead will be more than likely to leave your site before they convert.


With this in mind these are the fastest loading WordPress themes that are designed to get those form fills no matter what you are selling online.


As with all things there is usually a compromise between 1, 2 or all 3 of the above conversion metrics so if you need everything “dialed in just-right” you may opt for a custom WordPress theme design or a skilled redesign of your existing Theme.


We have divided these high converting themes into 4 categories:

  • Best all round converting theme
  • Fastest Loading Theme
  • Best Looking Theme
  • Our Favorites

These are not just landing page themes for WordPress installs.  These are complete themes.  If you are just looking for a landing page theme for your existing strategy…check out our best landing page Theme for WordPress.

Without further ado these are the best WordPress themes for conversions

9 Best WordPress Themes For Overall Conversions

These WordPress theme designs not only are fast loading but ae optimized to encourage actions like calling your business or submitting a contact form.

3 Best WordPress Themes For Phone Call Conversions

The following 3 themes below are fantastic at getting your website traffic to call you as soon as they visit your website.

3 Best WordPress Themes For Adwords Conversions

3 Best WordPress Themes For Lead Generation Conversions


WordPress AdSense Themes

3 Best WordPress Themes For Adsense Conversions

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