Wordfence: WordPress’s Security Blanket

Based out of Delaware, Wordfence is a small software engineering team that strives to deliver exceptional customer service. Wordfence has been downloaded by millions of users, and is considered one of the top WordPress security plugins. Wordfence security protects millions of WordPress websites. Wordfence strives to create a unique assortment of cyber defense solutions to provide the best security possible.


The Chief Executive Officer of Wordfence is Mark Maunder. Maunder has an extensive history of success in the professional software engineering industry. Maunder has worked for a number of high profile guest companies, including Coca Cola, BBC, and Credit Suisse First Boston. Maunder has also helped found many lucrative companies.


Web Application Firewall

Wordfence’s Web Application Firewall will prevent users from being attacked through blocking the virus before it can invade the website. The Threat Defense Feed regularly updates the firewall rules so that users will always be protected against emerging threats.

Malware Scanner

With a wide variety of WordPress sites, there are plenty of places for hackers to cause trouble. However, with Wordfence’s servers, users will receive high quality scanning of plugins, files, and themes. Wordfence scans for malware and backdoors, among other threats.

Enhanced Viewing

Users will be able to see visitors who log in and out of their sites at all times. Users can see a log of the visitor’s activity on the site. Users can create a blocking strategy based on the information available to them.

Cell Phone Sign In

Users will have access to Wordfence’s Two Factor Authentication, which secures the website and stops any attack from doing damage. Users have the advantage over potential hackers because the Two Factor Authentication relies on their cell phone and password.

Manuel Blocking

Wordfence gives users the ability to block traffic from anywhere. Users will be able to look at different patterns and IP ranges.

Defense Feed

Users will have access to direct information on how attacks start, how hackers can damage sites, and the makeup of their codes.

Advanced Spam Filter

Wordfence’s filter will check the source of any inbound comments. Wordfence uses their advanced data to identify source IP, URLs, and any malicious content. Users can change their filter settings whenever they choose to.

Google Crawl

Wordfence is aware of the importance of WordPress Search Engine Optimization. That is why users can look at Google and analyze the pages that are being crawled for ” advertising solutions. Wordfence can recognize fraudulent Google crawlers and get rid of them.

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