Email marketing Statistics 2024-2023, 2022-2021 and 2019-2020

  • 369,000,000 billion active users of email
  • 204,900,000 Emails sent daily
  • Average ROI is 3,900%.
  • 1 of Top 3 top interactions
  • 319% higher Click Through Rates
  • 55-60% of marketing campaigns are email
  • 60% of user check their email 1st thing each day

Email Marketing

Marketing through Email can generate new leads, build business relationships, improve brand awareness, and put your company one click away from prospective buyers. There are many different ways you can incorporate Email into any online promotional campaign. It serves as a very low-cost way of reaching thousands of customers with very minimal efforts. Efficient marketing in this form depends on the quality of mailing lists you use. Usually prospective buyers will opt-in to a mailing list or registration through direct sign-ups. You choose to generate your own leads or purchase them from a lead generation company. Here are seven Email marketing statistics that will encourage you to give digital mailing advertisements a try.

3.7 Billion Users

In 2017, there was an estimated 3.7 billion active Email users world wide. This means that your company has a potential customer market of around half of the planet’s population. This high exposure potential completely outnumbers other traditional forms of advertising like television and radio. Given the right target market and quality leads you could acquire an entirely new customer stream. This is especially beneficial for online informational products and service companies.

3,800 Percent Return

Email promotions have an impressively high return on investment due to the low-cost of operation. The percentage of return is 3,800. That means on average you will gain 38 times the cash flow back from your initial investment on leads that convert to sales. Some studies suggest this number to be closer to 44 times the return. Regardless of exact numbers it’s easy to see that this is a good investment.

Billions Of Email Sent Daily

There are 205 billion Emails sent out to prospective clients every single day. That’s a great representation to illustrate exactly how prominent Email Marketing has become over the last decades. Businesses around the world are seeing its usefulness and impact on brand awareness as a promotional tool. Email is still one of the most common ways a company presents themselves to individuals and it’s not going to change anytime soon with 401 billion Email users estimated by 2021.

Third Main Source For Business-To-Business Interaction

Any product or service that’s aimed towards entrepreneurs may find digital marketing very profitable. Promotional Emails are the third largest source of information for business-to-business sales. Professionals prefer Email 86 percent of the time when communicating for business purposes.

Automated Emails

Automated Emails when compared to standard emails have a 320 percent higher click-through rate. The click-through rate is the rate at which a recipient will click a link and visit a website through an advertisement. When a company sends informational material to a person on their mailing list it is much more efficient and productive to utilize automatic systems to send mass Emails. Not only will you reach more clients, but those clients are also more likely to view your linked pages.

Increasing Engagement Is The Main Goal For Modern Marketers

54 percent of marketing professionals say that their main objective is to increase customer engagement with professional content writing services. Engaging the viewer is key to a successful marketing campaign in the minds of the world’s foremost marketing experts. Research is constantly being conducted to understand the relationship between content and click-through rate. Emails with a high number of images tend to decrease clicks, while promotions that are written in Rich Text format tend to generate higher clicks compared to other text formats. It’s important to understand some of the correlations that content can have with customer engagement. Sending a welcome Email to new subscribers shows a 33 percent increase in engagement.

Half Of Recipients Check Their Email When They Wake Up

58 Percent of all adults log into their Email accounts and check them as soon as they wake up in the mornings. The highest rate of all Email openings occurs at 11 Am EST. When considering this statistic it would be very strategic to have your automated messages sent out to customers very early in the mornings. This gives insight on when you are most likely to reach a recipient and how to more reliably ensure that your promotions are being viewed. More views means a higher click-through rate, which in-turn this leads to an increase in your return.

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The Essence Of Successful Email Marketing

After learning about these SEO statistics you should have renewed insight on the profitability of Email marketing and how it works. Keep these facts in mind when designing your new promotional campaigns and you may find yourself receiving more positive responses. Now you can take advantage of proven marketing techniques with an informed and educated outlook.

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