In 2018 we updated WordLeads’ list of Internet facts and stats for  e-commerce, mobile internet and web hosting statistics for 2018-2019. We first published the list in 2017 and have continue to keep it updated each year. As a resource for data trends and hard facts it has helped many sites and print publications in providing hard market data.  In keeping with the speed of progress and change in the digital landscape we will continue to update it annually.

Below is our 2019 internet facts and stats list heading into 2020, this includes internet facts and stats for 2019-2020 and 2017-2018 .

Internet Statistics 2022-2021 and 2019-2020

  • 4.39 Billion internet users worldwide in 2019
  •  Users spend ~100 days a year on the internet.
  • 50% of all internet users are in Asia
  • China has more internet users than any country
  • 99% of all China internet users are on mobile devices – That means half of the world uses mobile internet!
  • 100% of Icelanders use the internet – highest country internet saturation
    • source for all above –

Domain Name Statistics 2022-2021 and 2019-2020

  •  domain name registrations of .com and .net TLDs had a combined total of 148,300,000 in 2022
  • Total country-code TLD (ccTLD) domain name registrations were 158.7 million at the end of the second quarter of 2021
  • GoDaddy spent more than $100,000,000 acquiring portfolios of premium domain names
  • .gripe is the worst selling tld in all of domain registrations
  • There are more than 358,000,000 registered domain names as of 2019

Website and Hosting Statistics and Facts 2022-2021, 2019-2020

  • GoDaddy owns 19% of the web hosting market. Other web hosting leaders are:
  1. Amazon AWS Alternatives
  2. 1&1 Cloud Hosting
  3. Hostgator.
  • WordPress represents  3,2850,000 the of the websites hacked each year. (
  • Speed matters for web hosting and site performance
    • websites can lose 44.19% page views with a delay of 20-seconds or more.
    • Pages that load 20 or more lose 44.19% of page views.
  • Amazon hosts 8.9% of websites online.
  • Bots account for over 51% of all online internet traffic to websites


 Conversion Rates and E-Commerce  Statistics 2019-2020

Mobile Internet Facts and Statistics 2019-2020-2022

  • 56% of all online browsing was with mobile browser for 2019-2020 – source

Social Media and SEO Statistics 2019-2020 2022


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