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WordLead WordPress management services allow you to take care of WordPress issues instantly whenever they arise.  In addition to fast fixes to WordPress issues and Hacked WordPress sites we can protect your site and be available to lend a hand on any issue you are having with your WordPress website.

WordPress management

Although Google, Facebook, and Amazon get more traffic than any other websites on the Internet, roughly one-fourth – that’s 27 %, to be exact – of the World Wide Web is supported by WordPress websites.

Many of us have heard of WordPress, but what really is it?

Here’s precisely what WordPress is

The technical term to describe the structure of WordPress is a content management system. In other words, this simply means that people use WordPress to easily, readily upload their words, pictures, videos, and other content writing services to the World Wide Web to share with others.

WordPress is so popular because it’s easy to use, it’s generally free, and people are simply used to it.

Even if you aren’t a web designer or developer, you can still use WordPress relatively freely to share content with others. As with many things in life, however, creating or obtaining something isn’t the most difficult part – maintaining it is.

But how easy is it to maintain a WordPress website, exactly?

People who are caught up in school or work likely aren’t good picks for maintaining WordPress websites. People who don’t work in the field of web design and development might not be great for the consistent maintenance of these pages.

It’s not easy to maintain a WordPress website unless you’re an Internet genius.

Fortunately, there’s a fix

Although we’d all like to be perfect the way we are, many people are better off hiring managed WordPress support services each month. Our business has a whopping ten years’ worth of experience in keeping up with WordPress web pages.

Even though WordPress can be complicated – if you want it to be, that is – hiring monthly managed WordPress support services takes all the complication completely out of the proverbial picture.

What sets us apart from other services?

We humbly boast three characteristics that identify who we are: experience, quality, and expertise. We’ve been managing WordPress sites for nearly 20 years. Every single time, our websites turn out well – consistency is key, as they say. Every provider of our service also is fortunate enough to rely on the expertise of our most talented service professionals to make sure we don’t mess anything up.

Check it out – you can get started with these services

Again – everybody wants to master everything, but most people simply don’t have the time to learn enough about WordPress; further, tons of others aren’t great with computers and therefore aren’t good with WordPress content management.

First, visit our website and sign up for our high-quality WordPress management service. Next, send your information all way after you’ve paid our low cost for the content management help. It won’t take any longer than a few hours – at least this is true for most cases.

After we’ve worked on your website, everything is good to go! Get back to browsing the web – or browsing your WordPress website that we worked on for you.

What does the WordPress maintenance service consist of?

WordPress isn’t that difficult to navigate, though it is moderately difficult to master. Our services contain things like tech support that’s available at all times, cloud backups of your daily changes and visits to your WordPress website, updates to software at least once per month, scans for both security and performance, and constantly monitoring your website to make sure that it remains up and running.

Here’s our plans – pricing included

We offer the Ultimate package for $399 per month and is ideal for the most serious users. Next on the list is the Essentials package for $199 per month and is ideal for moderate people. Premium only costs $299 per month and is a nice medium between the two. Lastly, our Partner program costs $963 each month and is considered to be a top-shelf servicing of your WordPress website.

  • Fast Results

    Wordlead offers superb SEO results by increasing your WordPress website's visibility on search engines like Google fast! Over 2 decades we learned exactly what works for organic visibilty growth.

  • Low Affordable Prices

    We believe laser fast WordPress plugins should be affordable. We offer monthly WordPress management packages and a le carte' SEO services. Our WordPress SEO services are natural.

  • WordPress Management Service

    We ensure you are informed each month about the entire campaign. Our experienced WordPress experts utilize multiple strategies to gain visibility and conversion performance.

Hacked Website Repair

The last thing that you want to see when you try to access your website on the internet is Google’s notification “This site may be hacked.” Fortunately, you can secure your site fast and get it back up on the web by utilizing our hacked website repair service.

Our professional web experts have the ability to quickly clean up and repair your site. We utilize an enterprise-level scanning system so that every file on your website is inspected for malicious code. Our team of experts have experience with all types of advanced web development issues. We understand how important it is to have your website active and will do all that we can to find a solution for your problem.

Backdoors, drive-by downloads, phishing and other files containing viruses will be quickly repaired so that your site can get up and running again. As an added bonus, our team of web experts will provide you with detailed ways that you can keep your website protected and free of viruses.

When you decide to use our service, you’ll be invoiced through a secure system. You don’t have to worry about any surprise charges, and payment can be made via multiple options.

Get your site professionally repaired by clicking the “Start Now” button today.

WordPress Solutions

WordPress SEO Services, Theme Design and Plugins


Our easy pricing structure is based your desired service. Ask us about our WordPress Total SEO Management Packages. You can have your own dedicated WordPress SEO manger to drive the monthly revenue needle up.

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Fix WordPress Issues

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that powers 33 percent of all websites. While it is easy to set up and use, WordPress can develop problems over time. For a fee of $99 each, we at WordLead can fix the following issues:

• Updates that break your site. Keeping your CMS on the latest version is a good habit for security reasons. In some cases, updates can have bugs that cause problems. We can resolve this.

• Themes that stop working as they should. Your WordPress theme is often your entire online identity, and when it does not work properly, it will cause you stress. We know our way around themes, and we can get yours working again in no time.

• Plugin conflicts. One reason WordPress is such an amazing CMS is its many thousands of plugins. While plugins add functionality to your site, they can also conflict with one another, causing errors. We go over all of your plugins to find the ones that are not compatible.

• The white screen of death. This is a common WordPress problem that often occurs after an update. It can happen for a number of reasons, and we will work hard to discover what is causing it on your site.

• General bugs. If your site has confusing errors, and you are unable to find the source, let us give it a try. WordPress is complex, and sometimes you need an expert to find solutions.

• General troubleshooting. Whether it is login page loops, slow page-load speeds or an inability to upload media, we can take care of it. No WordPress issue is unsolvable.

Please note that if your site is hacked, we offer cleanup as a separate service for $369.

WordLead also offers speed optimization for a $233 fee. During this process, we perform the following tasks:

• Clean and optimize the database

• Audit all plugins

• Optimize all images

• Install a premium caching solution

If you need something that is ongoing, we also offer an unlimited service for $199 per month. This is a completely managed solution that will give you peace of mind.

• Unlimited fixes for problems

• Regular cloud backups

• Security audits

• Performance checks

• Monitoring of uptime

• Software updates

• Monthly reports

Running a WordPress site can be a challenge. WordLead is here to help you every step of the way.