Internet Statistics

In 2018 we updated WordLeads’ list of Internet facts and stats for  e-commerce, mobile internet and web hosting statistics for 2018-2019. We first published the list in 2017 and have continue to keep it updated each year. As a [...]

Voice Search Statistics

Voice Search Statistics 2018-2019 Local and Maps 27% of voice searches visit a website a local business 88% of local maps searches are voice Google 20% of Google APP searches are voice searches 35% increase in Google voice [...]

Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing Statistics 2018 369,000,000 billion active users of email 204,900,000 Emails sent daily Average ROI is 3,900%. 1 of Top 3 top interactions 319% higher Click Through Rates 55-60% of marketing campaigns are email [...]

Video Marketing Statistics

36 Amazing Video marketing Statistics for 2018 Digital marketing has emerged over the past ten years and managed to transform the way business completely is done across all sectors. The field is evolving very fast, and with [...]

Pay Per Click Statistics

2019 Pay Per Click Facts 76% of online advertisers plan to increase Google AdWs spending this year 600% less searches for “PPC” than “SEO” on Google trends 36% of searches online are local 6% rise in Bing’s [...]

Social Media Marketing Statistics

Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2018 and 2019 2018 Facebook Marketing Facts 1. At 79 percent, Facebook is still the dominant social media platform that Americans use. This number is based on the total population [...]

GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy Updates Have you received an influx of emails this week notifying you of privacy policy updates to various websites you frequent or have subscribe to as a user? You may have even noticed the pop-ups as you’ve [...]