GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy Updates Have you received an influx of emails this week notifying you of privacy policy updates to various websites you frequent or have subscribe to as a user? You may have even noticed the pop-ups as you’ve [...]

How To Get White Hat Links

What is a white hat link? In search engine optimization (SEO) language, people like to divide techniques into different “hats” – black hat SEO refers to strategies that break search engine rules, while white hat SEO is [...]

Improve Domain Authority DA

Increase Page Authority on Any Website Quickly You’ve probably heard of page authority, but many people only have a faint idea what the term means. Let’s examine the history and find out how you can improve your [...]

SEO Statistics and Trends

SEO Facts 2017-2018 The Statistics About SEO for 2017 That You Need To Know SEO has not lost any relevance as the years have gone on. In fact, in terms of marketing online, it has become so much more important with each passing [...]

Speed Up WordPress Sites Faster

Learn to Speed Up WordPress Sites and How to Make WordPress Faster Speeding up WordPress Sites:  The elements that can be optimized and tweaked to speed up WordPress or to make WordPress faster are very simple to identify and [...]