Google Ads Facts 2024-2023 and 2022 Statistics

  • Google Ads campaigns perform best with four 30-min updates a month.
  • Google Display Ads Are Seen by 90% of Internet Users
  • Most Google Ads management service companies bill clients at 15-20% of monthly Ad Spend
  • Businesses earn a 1:2 ratio of what they spend on Google Ads.
  • Most Google Ads Video campaigns – are only 6 or 15 seconds long
  • Google Ads is the new name for Google AdWords Express and Google AdWords.
  • Google Ads’ phone number is 1-844-245-2553.
  • Display ads viewed by Consumers are 55% more likely improve branded searches for the advertiser.
    • Google Ads is 97% of Google’s revenues
  • 89% of the traffic generated by search ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused.

Google AdWords Express & Google AdWords the previous branding names for Google Ads.  They have the same functionality and capabilities.

Google Ads recommends spending 30 minutes per week adjusting your advertising campaigns, keywords, creative and strategies against performance results.

Ads perform better from 4, 30-min updates than 1 2 hour long edit at one time.  The more frequent exposure to the campaign will create a broader understanding.

Allow WordLead to manage your google ads at the optimal weekly schedule to keep your ‘Google Ads’ fresh and performing their best.

Most Google Ads advertising and PPC management services providers bill clients at 15% of ad spend (min account spend is 10k.)

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