2022-2021 Pay Per Click Facts

  • 76% of online advertisers plan to increase Google AdWs spending this year
  • 600% less searches for “PPC” than “SEO” on Google trends
  • 36% of searches online are local
  • 6% rise in Bing’s Cost Per Click in 2018-2019
  • 97.6% of Google Revenue was AdWords
  • 68% of buyer intent clicks are paid
  • 46% of Americans shop online
  • 52% of paid clicks are on mobile phones
  • 13% drop in CPCs for branded keywords on Google
  • 90% of searchers trust reviews
  • 45% of SMB’s use Google Ads for Pay Per Click Advertising

The scariest fact about Pay Per Click in 2019?  No one really knows the amount of AdFraud that occurs on Google, other search engines and the Ad Network.

Google Ads

Q2 2018 Google Ads spending dropped

Twitter Ads

  • 50% drop in Twitter cost-per-click (CPC) for 2020
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