Social Media Marketing  Statistics 2022-2021 and 2020

social media marketing statistics

social media marketing statistics 2023-2022

2022-2021 Facebook Marketing Facts

1. At 79 percent, Facebook is still the dominant social media platform that Americans use. This number is based on the total population in the United States. Obviously, if you aren’t currently using any social media platforms in your online marketing strategy, Facebook should be the first one that you start utilizing, after email of course. The statistics also indicated that 68 percent of these users were adults. This pinpoints the demographics of the users even more. It eliminates teens who may be more likely to use a social media site like Snapchat.

2. On average, it’s best to post on the Facebook social media platform between the times of 1 and 3 PM. During these times, other users who are on the platform are more likely to comment or click on your content. There is also a timeframe during the week when you’ll receive more interaction. Thursdays and Fridays seem to be the best days for engagement. The statistic shows that you should schedule your content to appear when most likely to be read. Utilize an auto scheduler to drip your content during opportune times so that you get the biggest bang for your buck.

3. At 29.7 percent of users on the Facebook platform, the most common age is between 25 and 34. This demographic is an important number to remember if you are marketing to this age group. Typically, this age demographic is a prime target for many businesses. If you have a product or service that caters to these individuals, Facebook looks like an excellent place where you can utilize some of your marketing dollars. It may also be a social media platform that you will want to avoid if you are targeting a different age demographic and have a limited budget.

4. 19 percent of the total time that individuals spend on their mobile devices is dedicated to Facebook. Statistics also show that mobile users spend about five hours a day using their mobile device. With the statistic in mind, that is equal to about one hour a day that they spend on Facebook. The statistic shows that it’s crucial for you to have a responsive design for your WordPress website if you don’t already. Your website must be able to work on all types of devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones if not you need an audit and a cleanup service for citations and usability. With such a large group of individuals using their phones to interact on the web, you are really missing out if potential customers are not able to fully utilize your site.

5. 22 percent of the total population of the world has an account on the Facebook social media site. This is another reminder to companies that advertising doesn’t just have to be done in your local city, state or country. If your business has a product or service that can be used by an individual who lives in another country, Facebook provides an excellent way for you to tap into that market. If you have an appropriate budget, you may be able to discover new customers by focusing on your target demographics in other countries. By using a broad keyword, it may not cost you too much to see if there is any international demand for the goods that you sell.

Twitter Marketing Statistics 2022-2021

6. 78 percent of individuals who use Twitter to make a direct complaint to a brand about a product or service expect to receive a response back within one hour. Disgruntled customers are now using social media sites in this way to vent their frustration. This just shows how important it is to stay active on your social media accounts. It doesn’t do much good to have these type of accounts if you aren’t posting or monitoring them. By utilizing them as an engagement tool, you are more likely to keep a current customer or gain a new one.

7. 56 percent of users on Twitter have an income that is equal to or more than $50,000. When you spend any of your marketing budget on Twitter, you are dealing with individuals who have dollars to spend. By reminding Twitter users of your brand, they may be more likely to remember you when they’re going to be making their next purchase. Twitter is an excellent platform to utilize if you want to quickly jump into a conversation and engage with your target audience. By searching for specific trends that are associated with your business, you can show your expertise and become an authority in your industry.

8. 93 percent of individuals on Twitter who follow medium or small sized businesses plan to make a purchase from those businesses sometime in the future. Statistics also indicate that 69 percent of those individuals have already made a purchase due to a post that was made by the small business by the medium or small business on the platform. These statistics should be eye-opening for you if you run a business that fits this scenario. If you can engage with your audience and get them to interact with you, they may decide to follow your brand and become a loyal customer.

9. 90 percent of videos that are viewed on Twitter are seen on a mobile device. Video content can easily be consumed by your target market. This video marketing statistic shows that it may be worth your while to utilize video when you are placing content on Twitter. If you have something valuable to provide such as an update on industry news, new technology or a rollout of new services or products, it may be best to include a short video on Twitter so that you can reach these mobile users. You really don’t want to over think this. Even a cell phone will shoot a decent video that you can use to reach your customers.

Instagram Marketing Stats 2022-2021

10. 80 percent of users on Instagram state that they follow one or more businesses on the social media app. In addition, 60 percent of Instagram users say that they have heard about a service or product while using the platform. These numbers indicate that Instagram should definitely be looked at as a site where marketing dollars can be spent. Instagram analytics will provide you with different types of data like reach per post, impressions and follower demographics. If you decide to use ads on Instagram, the platform provides you with data so that you can analyze how well your ad has performed.

11. The time that users spend on Instagram is on the rise. Statistics indicate that Instagram users are now spending 55 minutes on the app per day. This is up by about 53 percent as a former average time spent on the platform was 29 minutes This indicates that Instagram is becoming more popular with users. A recent introduction and launch of stories is probably the reason for this increase. As the site sees its usage rise, it provides more time for you to reach your audience.

12. On Instagram, 300 million users have participated in the Stories function. This provides a great opportunity for your business to take followers behind the scenes, demonstrate a product or promote a big event. If you are launching a new product in the future, you can tease it by telling a Story. Another way to engage with your audience with that Stories function is by providing limited offers or flash sales. If you periodically announce limited time offers, it will entice your followers to pay more attention to the content that you publish as they won’t want to miss out on the next deal or your Google Ads PPC campaign.

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